April 04, 2020

Behavioral Health

Psychosocial and emotional health are every bit as important as our physical health, and maybe more so for many people.

However, most individuals focus much more on their fitness level, their eating habits, their weight, etc. than they do on their emotional health. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. can make it difficult to enjoy a high quality of life, and can lead to physical health issues as well.

For these reasons, Main Line Health and the Making Life Healthy program provide a wide variety of programs and services through the First Call Employee Assistance Program to help employees and their family members maintain emotional wellbeing. This service is not just for people who have serious mental health issues or concerns related to substance abuse. It can also be acceessed for support with many of the personal challenges we all face, such as financial or legal concerns or questions, communicating with your teenager, support for eldercare, etc. Visit the First Call Website for more information!