April 04, 2020

Program Goals


The Making Life Healthy program was developed to provide programs and support to meet the following goals:

  1. Promote and support a high quality of life for all employees - Main Line Health cares deeply about all employees and strives to ensure each can enjoy a high quality of life. Optimal health and wellbeing are an important factor in happiness and quality of life. 
  2. Ensure consistent, high quality patient care - Providing consistent, high quality patient care is demanding, both physically and emotionally. Caregivers must maintain physical health and emotional resilience to provide the best possible patient care.  

  3. Maintain high reliability throughout the organization - Healthy employees, in every role, are better able to consistently peform at a high level. 

  4. Model the behavior we promote to our patients and the community - An important part of the Well Ahead mission is to lead the way in establishing a healthy lifestyle in the communities we serve.