April 04, 2020

Healthy Beverage Strategy

Healthy Beverage Strategy

Main Line Health is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and being a role model to our patients, visitors, and the community.

Research has demonstrated that consumption of beverages with high amounts of added sugar contributes to serious health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease, among others. Main Line Health will transition away from sugar sweetened beverages in our cafeterias, vending machines, and catering menus between May and December, 2015. We encourage all employees and guests to consider the wide variety of beverage options available including:

  • Filtered Water
  • Low fat or skim milk
  • 100% Fruit juice
  • Unsweetened teas and coffee
  • Zero calorie, Flavored sparkling waters
  • Stevia sweetened beverages  (Stevia is a natural sweetener)

The final step in this transition will involve the removal of sugar sweetened beverages from catering menus beginning September 1, 2015. SSBs will no longer be sold in cafeterias and vending machines beginning January 4, 2016.
We respect employees? Rights to choose what they drink, and everyone is welcome to bring their beverage of choice, should they desire an option that will no longer be sold on the premises. We recognize that changes of this nature can be difficult and hope employees and guests can appreciate that this transition was undertaken to support the health of our employees and the community members who visit our facilities.
These pages were developed to address the reasons for this transition, and to provide the medical evidence supporting this decision. Questions or concerns should be addressed with your local Main Line Health Human Resources representative. 

To read the Medical Evidence for removing sugar sweetened beverages, click on this Link

For a list of beverages that will be impacted with this transition, click on this Link.

To review information and research on artificial sweeteners, click on thisLink.