April 04, 2020

Physical Activity

Fitness & Physical Activity

Cardiorespiratory fitness is considered by many health experts as the single most important factor to improve health and reduce risk of mortality (death) from all causes. This is because it has a significant positive impact on virtually all other major risk factors including blood pressure, blood lipids (cholesterol), insulin sensitivity, weight and body composition, and emotional health, among many others. 

The human body was designed to move. When left in a resting state for long periods of time, it will begin to deteriorate resulting in poor cardiopulmonary efficiency, low stamina, reduced muscle tone and strength, poor flexibility, etc. Consistent physical activity is the only way to maintain a strong, vibrant body that will help you enjoy a high quality of life, and avoid premature illness. 

The Making Life Healthy program has many resources available to help you keep fit. 

Active Health: 

  • Health Coaching - Telephonic health coaching is available through our wellness partner, ActiveHealth. Coaches are experts in behavior change, and some are certified personal trainers or degreed exercise physiologists. You do not have to make a long term committment, just register for an initial call with a Coach to try it out. Call 855-202-3999 to enroll.     
  • Track Exercise - Anyone trying to change behavior will benefit from a plan and tracking their progress. The Track module allows you set goals, develop an exercise plan and record your physical activity over time, then trend your progress. View the Registration and Navigation Instructions for help with using this feature.
  • Workshops - A wide variety of fitness related topics are available on the Making Life Healthy web portal. 

Visit www.myactivehealth.com/makinglifehealthy to register or login to your account.

Healthy Lifestyle Apps: The Making Life Healthy program also provides a handout to help employees find and dowload mobile apps that will help promote a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of apps that seek to help you eat better, get fitter, and relax more. Click here to view the handout. 

Fitness Reimbursement:  MLH employees  and family members are eligible for partial reimbursement of health club membership fees from Aetna. You must submit all receipts and a copy of the club's participation report showing at least 120 visits in a 12 month period to earn $150. Contact AetnaMember Services at 1-800-841-4967 for more information, or review the attached flyer. 

Fitness Center Discounts: MLH employees are eligible for corporate discounts at many local health clubs and fitness centers. View the Fitness Center Discounts page for more info.

Riddle Fitness Center - The Fitness Center at Riddle Hospital is open to all employees, and is offering a significant discount for the first year of membership. Employees can join for $150, and if covered by an MLH medical plan, can be reimbursed for the full amount if they attend at least 120 times in a 12 month period (view the Fitness Reimbursement section above).  View the Flyer for more details.

Yoga Class at Radnor - The Radnor Wellness Committee offers a Yoga class one evening each week.


Walking Paths - Contact your local Wellness Activity Group at each major location for more information, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..