April 04, 2020

Weight Management

   Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important factors for good health and disease prevention. Whether you are motivated to control your weight for yourself, a New Year’s resolution, or you believe it is just time for a lifestyle change, striving to achieve your optimal weight is worth the investment in time and effort.

  Through Main Line Health’s Making Life Healthy program, there are many opportunities available for employees and family members to manage their weight and improve their eating habits, such as weight management programs, educational courses, telephonic coaching services and much more.

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 ActiveHealth programs

To register or log in to your account, visit www.myactivehealth.com/makinglifehealthy 

The following services are available to all employees and their spouses:

  • Health Coaching—telephonic coaching services at a convenient time for you
  • Exercise Tracking —an easy-to-use tracker for recording your physical activity and nutritional habits

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Registered Dietician Visits

All Main Line Health medical plans cover up to 10 visits per year with a Registered Dietician, at no cost to employees or covered dependents. To make an appointment with an MLH Dietician at the MLH Nutrition Center by visiting http://www.mainlinehealth.org/nutrition. You can also contact a dietitian by calling Aetna member services at the number on your Aetna card.. There is no copay for either service. You will need a prescription to see an MLH Dietitian. 

 The New Direction® Weight Loss System  

A complete nutritional food replacement program designed to help those who find themselves overweight and obese to lose weight safely and quickly. For more details on the program, visit the New Direction® Weight Loss System at their website here, or email Janet Wendle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Bariatric Center

Main Line Health’s Bariatric Center offer patients a comprehensive weight loss program, including surgical and non-surgical options. The Bariatric Center provides the tools, education and support to help you lose weight safely and effectively and to maintain a healthy weight long-term. To learn more, view the information at http://www.mainlinehealth.org/bariatrics.

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Reimbursement for Weight Management Programs

Aetna provides partial reimbursement of registration fees for Weight Watchers and Weight Watchers Online, or any hospital-based weight management program. To learn more about how to receive reimbursement for your weight management program, call Aetna Member services.

 Healthy Lifestyle Apps

The Making Life Healthy program also provides a handout to help employees find and download mobile apps that will help promote a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of apps that seek to help you eat better, get fitter, and relax more. Click here to view the handout